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by Obsidian Shell

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Vortex 02:30
Flying feather golden and red. Hiding her splendour is nonsense. Knowing the essence of life. Her eyes evidential of her ancient yarn. With the excuse of cramping affection hidden options become visible. Time arrives for all of us when stayin’ sprout is more riskful then bursting to bloom. Balefire is made of cinnamon and myrrh. Expected time has come of fated novation. After the smoke divides a renewed one comes to life. She is the old and the reborned at the same time. She’s opened for integrity. Follows the endless road of changes. She sees through lies despite appearances. She overcomes all the games exhausting.
Defender 03:34
Looking through your eyes, wish I could disappear. Standing on the edge I have nothing to say. I heard your request, you asked me to stay. Please let me escape, I can not wait. Don’t try to eliminate my withdrawnness. I’m relentless, forgive my selfishness. I’ve tried so hard to love others. Always I felt being captured. At last it was me who moved on. Tried not to feel the weight of thorn. Here we are and it’s all my fault. The guilt will haunt for so long. For years I’d been pleased on my own. Till I released to smash my soul. Ever since that day I’m avoiding deep links. Have to let me soar, I can’t be chained long. It wasn’t you who ruined my heart. But I can’t deny what’s in my eyes. Looking for my part that has been gone. My life is an endless fight to love again. Steady desire of holding hands. How can I give up my self-defense?
Sedated, empty souls wander around me The burden of remembrance is still there to bleed Curse me then apologize, rinse and repeat But you have hit the threshold just as it seemed The doors are closed, all the walls are fully built again I am cocooned, everything goes according to the plan A blue winged butterfly emerges when the time is right But you’ll never see its flight… I am the wolf that her life has left behind Leaving with stony heart, missed beats in the night I am the Moon that will lead your hopes tonight Cloud covered silver lining shining ever so bright The locket of my soul glows when you are near Holding the emotions of joy, love and fear I cast a spell and it will mend a broken heart What have been lost is returned, nothing has died You have the quest To restore everything people need Do not forget What your creator gave in your hand Focus your inner powers And you can cast a spell The lantern of the fairy Shines on your way All those poor brokenhearted All haunted by a nightmare The locket frees their soul and Shows them the way My soul is purified and surrounded by light. I’m taking airy steps on my way of rise. Sore, faded memories of seductive witchcraft Can’t keep in solitude, I’ve cut the chains of darkness.
When you do your best but your ego says: Your fantasies are not attainable. You feel tired of fighting alone. Close your eyes and lean on your dreams. (They show you the road..) When you’re reclused and ego tells: You do not deserve love, you’re not likeable. You have right to choose other way. Absolve your soul of beliefs restrictive. Learned how to victimize the sound of our free heart. Meeting the requirements in spite of being ourselves. Always follow the guardian angel’s whispers Proudly struggling with the help of their supportation Come to believe your wishes, keep an open mind They are reachable Pay real attention to your sensations. Consciously creating reality. We are free to create wonderland. The strength of ours is undrainable. Dreams unfold hidden paths now and then. We all have unseen helpmates to defend. (They show you the road.)
Standing steadily in immobility. Fighting for every beat of your heart. Being the one and only rock in your storms. Giving you the last pieces of my soul. Curing the wounds of evil, headlong words. Heating the frozen heart with honest love. Breaking through your walls with endurance. Showing you the power of resumption. Wherever you’re going I am here and waiting for you. Finally your way will lead to me. Needless for you to speak I know your feelings well. Cause we’re assigned to each other. The dark nights of soul will bring you absolution. Then you will query all attainments. Illusion of fears will not restrain, you’ll have faith. Love will dissolve all sore reminiscence. The end of the road is near And we are both there Walking towards the clouds Breathing in clean air Hoping to find our way The way of sunlight Leaving the shades behind
Inner Force 04:38
Nameless warriors spending their lives. Constantly marching forward to fight Fulled with bitterness, mordant pain Piercing their wholeness. I choose the way of salvation. Accepting disasters measured. Knowing the angels are leading. Never break’ that I wouldn’t scaping. I choose the way of heaviness. Forgiving for all I’ve sustained. My faith will be extended. Keeping in the state of elected. Would be easier waiting for release. However for wisdom we must shed tears. Falling into the infinite dimness. I can not perceive more realness. When the torment becomes unlivable. My hidden force multiplies unobserved. In the alow of abyss, I feel disengaged. In the alow of abyss, I feel disengaged. For a minute I feel weightless. I’m afloating, waiting quiet. Feeling my heart beating stalling. I wish I could be staying afield. I take the charge of my cross. Time supports to remit the loss. Trials make me hardened. Unfold my force. Changed the walk of my life. Faced with my buried past. Thrown off stifling fetters, I step into the light. Lessons are admitted all. Messages are taken sound. Trusted the lead of heavens. Floating with stream of light. Leaded by universe laws. Never perished by the dark. Listen to voice of your heart. Wearing your inward might. It would be easier waiting for release. However for wisdom we must shed our tears.
Arisen 03:52
It’s dawning and I’m waiting mutely. Still hoping something will change in me. I feel my burdens on my chest, Praying for aid with screams soundless. How to regulate the drifting of river? How to control the fury of windstorm? New dimensions manifest, I leave my defects. Opening the doors to be myself. My soul is covered with the light of heavens, The calling is clearly audible. It’s dawning and I’m floated away. Feeling clean I must follow my way. I leave my well-known dreams behind. Pricking the bubble for our rise. I am drifting into infinity. Becoming one with the eternity.
Awakened 04:22
Looking through the veil of my tears I take down the weight of fears. Not my part in your fairytale, Playing a fake role for your sake. Leave you back my dark dancer. Take your steps, without your partner. Going through the years of my life, I have learned to walk my path. I tried to help and lifted up others all the time. Even they just pushed me down and left me to die. I know it was not intentional, just sometimes. Heard not to be too sensitive, should close my eyes. For you it was trivial to laugh, to look down at my naivity. (naivity) Wittingly wasting all my time, draining my final energy. (parasitizing) I am grabbed by strangers’ hands, trying to tear pieces out of me. This choking, I feel it sentences to death, I can not bear feeling used. An angelic melody sounds now, breaking the spell, the good intention seems to be hell. My eyes are wide opened, painful to know my boundaries. Don’t chase your nightmares any more. Here is the end of my victim role, I’ve been awakened.
Poltergeist 04:29
Harminc 04:16
Suhanó szellemként néz le rám Ó a múlt A képek rég beégtek már De mind elavult Mit kutat a szem? Merre jár a lélek Mely elmaradt valahol? Eltűnt és kész Én meg várok rá Még mindig visszahúz Eltemetném de még mindig rajtam lóg a múlt Kicsavart karral állok mint aki sarokba szorult Félrelökném s ott hagynám, valaki majd csak rátalál Amit a húsz széttört a harminc meggyógyítja talán Zokogó emberként néz le rám Ó a múlt De mégis hogy segíthetnék Ha a szín kifakult? Meredek hegyeken felfele menetel Reszket, remeg és izzad a vágy Lobogó hajjal és ázott bőrrel Csak attól fél hogy itt hagyják Kikapart sebbel végkimerülten De tovább kúszik és húzza magát Megfogadta, hogy küzd míg bírja Amíg végleg el nem hagyják
Mikor minden álmod a múlté már, a vágyaid elérhetetlenek. Elég volt, nem harcolsz tovább. Nézz körül és engedd be a fényt. Ha a sötétség mindent beborít. Hiszed nem vagy jó, sem szerethető. Gyűjts erőt, hogy más úton járj. Tedd félre a korlátozó félelmeid. Tudjuk jól, ha megszólal szívünk igaz hangja. Mégis próbáljuk elnyomni, inkább megfelelni. Mindig figyeld angyalaid hívó szavát. Érezd belül, ahogy a ragyogás átjár. Híven kövesd a lelked bármerre száll. Önmagad csak így lehetsz. Képzeleted teremti, kérésed eldönti. Válassz jól, úgy élsz, mint létrehozod. Álomszép hely csak minket vár. A fény bennünk kimeríthetetlen. Mit vártunk rég, a miénk lehet. Csak keresd az égi jeleket. Álomszép hely csak minket vár. A fény bennünk kimeríthetetlen. Mit vártunk rég, a miénk lehet. Csak engedd, hogy a segítőink vezessenek.
Indigo 04:35
How I miss the love of yours, old friend of mine. I’m still grateful for joining my path for a while. Years passed and we drifted so far. Maybe we had to feel the loss of a part. Oh, knowing the past can not be amended. Needed some time to let go my resentment. Tasted the salty tears of hopeless waiting, Missing someone I’ve apparently released. Staring my reflection in this broken mirror, Isolated soul is surrounded by sorrow. No chance to disguise my excessive loneliness, In my indigo blue world I still have esperance.


released May 25, 2018




Obsidian Shell Hungary

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