Ai No Kizu

by Obsidian Shell

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Agent K
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Agent K Bernadett Bakacsi takes over lead vocals for Hungarian Alt Metal band.
Her voice is outstanding and adds great sonic texture to the heavy riffage song construction.
Production is great and the band has never sounded better.
Nice Keyboard Work.
Worth the long wait for new material and excellent choice of NEW Female Vocalist Favorite track: Indestructible.
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released December 30, 2015




Obsidian Shell Hungary

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Track Name: The Day She Left
You try to stay alive
With your wishful thinking
You're tryin' to sleep tonight
But your eyelids just not closing

Do what you have to do
How daredevil might it be
Still blinking like a fool
This might be neverending

She tries so hard
And yet she's so beautiful
Her deep brown eyes
A lovely fire glows inside

Melting his heart
As she looks deep into his soul
But now she's gone
Kissed him as gently waved goodbye

Take care of yourself
Stay out of trouble my dear
I'll be awake
Waiting for you

The day she left
Sunrays couldn't pierce the clouds
The day she left
Made a deep cut on two souls

The day she left
I could swear it was for good
The day she left
He just couldn't break through

She cries so hard
Shouting never lets her sleep
It's past midnight
The bass is banging in her heart

"No way back now
There are still many months to bear
Maybe they'll die
And then I won't have to suffer"

Don't let them reach you
Don't let the cruelty get through
I'll be awake
Praying for you
Track Name: The Edge Of Sorrow
You don’t know where am I
But you said ’Don’t be shy’
I want to see your face when
You look at this through my eyes

Just keep your damn advice,
Don't want to hear you now
Try to walk around this place
And not to die in the nights

Try not to scream
Try not to run away
Until midnight you will hear

I’m losing at the edge of sorrow
But I will fight until tomorrow
Until I fall into peaces
You’re not savin’ me

Now I know where am I
And cannot say goodbye
My face is frozen and
I feel like dying every night

Gentle breeze blows my hair
And tries to keep me here
Maybe my expectations
Are way too high for this place
Track Name: Black Moonlight
This is the aeon where the nights are thrown in shade
Never let anyone through for the following decade
Storm clouds are present but their presence is in vain
The miracle known as Moon will only reflect pain

Disasterous masterpiece or killer of the world?
A second chance's been given but never occured
Moonlight ridden plains and fields embrace the wounded souls
The light's still there but black's the sole one of colors

Standing still, soaked by the cold dark rain
Feeling empty as just tears remain
Memories of the one that brought joy once
Faded away by the black moonlight

A drowning maiden screams by a fainting voice
Escaped from panic but this wasn’t her own choice
As cold and salty water slowly fills her lungs
Black moonlight saps the life force out of her loved ones

Disasterous masterpiece or killer of the void?
The second chance has failed and all hope got destroyed
Like an eclipse of death thick smoke falls down below
As goodnight kiss embraced dreams float on a pillow
Track Name: Transparent
Transparent bodies floating still
Abrupted from the host to feel
Eyes blinking as they would explode
It’s in the shell, it’s in the core

No intact tissue that remained
Impure, nasty and blood stained
Eyelids open as they stare
An empty shell, an empty glare

Transparent bodies rising up
Black water splashes from the top
The pool below swirls as they play
Killing them won’t cause a decay

Rising Moon above the sea
The light breaks on transparency
Arisen deepest fears of dark
All hail the aeon of the Blight

Run for your life
Run for your very being
Plowing the mind
Neglected, empty, faking

Run from those lies
Run for your very being
Showing the mind
Neglected, full of faking

Sour bliss
Empty yourself before death
Dark ribs
Broken as your innocent shell
All the things that try to ail you
The creatures come to hunt you
Track Name: Summer's End
Itt van az ősz, a falevelek hullnak már
De kinevet a gondolat, hogy hóhullás vár reám
Alkonyat tájt kitipegek a fény alól
És bemegyek az éj alá, mit záporként küld a Hold

A szabadság mint kitagadott érzelem
A hivatalos végtelenbe révedve sír lelkem s érted ég
Képszakadás a feketeség vér szaga vár
De szánalmat én már többé nem érzek majd hogyha elszáll

Remeg a hőség, arcom kezembe temetem
Szakad a bőr és fájdalom a tenyeremen
Kinyitom testem s szívemet még ahogy dobog
Markodba zárom és átadom a tudatom

Szerelem lángja kánikula nyaramon
De tagadom létét, mert letör a fájdalom
Mint kicsi kis rózsát, mint a vihar téped
És őszi fagyként a szirmaimat taposod

Színezüst jég
Átkarol száz zivatar
Vén ereklyék mocsárként húznak magukkal

Hol szakad az ég a siralom a légbe száll
Kiszáradó torkomon vigaszként könnytenger csordogál
És ezért akar

A szabadság mint kitagadott érzelem
A hivatalos végtelenbe rángatni lánc végén vágyaim
Képszakadás a fekete jég szétkalapál
És tépked mint lombot, szétszór, s kopasz fának hagy az utókor

Remeg a hőség, arcom kezembe temetem
Szakad a bőr és fájdalom a tenyeremen
Kinyitom testem s szívemet még ahogy dobog
Markodba zárom és átadom a tudatom

Szerelem lángja kánikula nyaramon de
Tagadom létét, mert letör a fájdalom mint
Kicsi kis rózsát, mint a vihar téped és
Őszi fagyként a szirmaimat taposod szét...
Track Name: Autumn
Leaves on the ground
Black leaves on the ground
The blue sky is blackend by
Cloud of crows

Clouds on the sky
Pale clouds on the sky
Sun-rays through them make the leaves
Still and dried

Arch on the sky
Black arch on the sky
It was a rainbow but
It has died

Rain from the clouds
Black rain from the clouds
Are the angels weep
And do they weep loud?

How the trees get rid of their burden
And fall asleep all alone
How could I sleep so peaceful
No spring for me to revive...

Tears in my eyes
Blue tears in my eyes
The desperation in me slowly dies

Fading pain
What will remain
All the lost memories will I regain?

I just try to hide my pain
As I’m starin’ at the world
I get caught in this swirl
Track Name: Travesty
Welcome home
you're about to face
a war in outer space

Earth has gone
no sign of human race

Witness the fall
and suffer the consequences
you've created them all
these killing masterpieces

Nowadays the flesh feels even less
than these man-made imperfections
face to face the fake against the real
who would have thought that they could feel

Where are we now
what happened to the sole purpose
those useless tests
they cannot be distinguished

Integrated feelings
programmed to seduce us
are they capable of love
or they're just chrome and dust

Are we supposed to bow?
no, we have to fight back
this is our call
to fly above or to fall

This is not a drill, they are not for real
kill anything that doesn't seem real
their goals are twisted
their minds are ill

I shall not join this travesty
Track Name: Fire
Burn me alive
You want to kill
There’s no escape for me

Tell me your lies,
Want to belive
I see fire on the field

Here comes the night
You’re sneaking in
...So much crawling on your skin

The child’s at risk
While you resist
You don’t see the mother’s tears!

I slowly go insane
There’s a cage around me
I try to run and break the walls
Sometimes my blood turns into fear
I only want to be free

Tears in the eyes
Screams flying high
Withered ashes in the air...

Just want to be
Really want to be
What fire made of me

Insanity embraces me
Without any empathy
Want to be free like all the leaves
And just stop remembering

Denying life from the one who’s caged
Souls that are worth less as they rage
Putting them up for a fight of death
Only to entertain myself

Crying and trembling crowd just stares
The one who leaves now never comes back
You are the one who requested life
For all the people who almost died

Fly wicked soul
You’re a tribute, they said
But they wanted me dead

Bye, lonely soul
You were worth to die for
Track Name: Indestructible
Whenever I feel I’ve lost my mind
Whenever I’m in a vortex of pain and doubts
Sleepless nights creep into my life sometimes
Resurrecting nightmares from a former life

Pierce the pain
Leave your body now
Pierce the heart
Bleed and and live again
You’re indestructible

Arisen broken idol from the ground
Whispering “leave you fool this is a rebound”
Sleepless nights are a constant guest for now
But the sleep is for the weak ones anyhow

Destroy the mind of the man and nothing happens anymore
Destroy the heart and the screams will rip your ears just as a roar
Void keeps the flame reigniting sealing feelings forever
Is this what love really means or is this just my fever
Track Name: Misanthropia 4: Ai No Kizu
Dreaming again
Drifting far back into my mind
While the spark constantly tries to reignite
As the rain washes the chance away day by day
Feeding the fear
If I lose or win with the delay

Blew by the wind as the withered leaf
Listening still to my inner screams
And when I think it’s alright
Everything falls apart

Fool why would you feed the hope to love
Recall the painful times you cried
Shaking your fist to the Moon
Screaming why, Why, WHY?!

Frantically pushing the threshold of pain
Consuming myself for so little gain
Maybe it’s true what the wise ones would say
Connected fates never truly part ways

Futari no itamu kokoro
Ga shizuka ni nakimasu
Koimizu naite hitori
Matsunoki no shita de
Track Name: Purify Me
Purify me
Of the tainted sinful sorrow
Crucify me
When the Sun rises tomorrow
Follow me...
Into the endless calming sea

Purify me
For this hell is breaking loose
Crucify me And
promise me it will be smooth
Don’t follow me...
Until I get some dignity

Anyhow this suffering
Won’t last long
Distant light may brighten
The day of the doom

Some of me might still
See the fate of the world
Lucid dreams... they are real
But they are my burden...

Purify me
This has never been this hard
Crucify me
And my ever craving part
Follow me
On the doomed path of all eternity

Purify me
Before evil demons rise
Crucify me
They will not compromise
Don’t follow me...
...Just purify me...

...Purify me...
...Purify me...

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